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Hi! My name is Jo Richardson and I am an autistic with a PDA profile with ADHD and OCD.  That sounds like

I should be standing up in a meeting saying that, but scribing it on here will have to do.


So, a little bit about little old me; I'm quite new to being in my 40's, (can't say I'm too fond of it so far) I have an autistic husband and a 4 year old autistic (increasingly showing as PDA) with Global Development Delay and suspected ADHD.  

I am currently a writer for The Aspergian and have also been published in AuKids magazine this year.  I also own a Facebook group for autistic mothers.  I'd like to say that I'm in the process of writing a book but between running a household, keeping up with my son and my demand avoidance, the closest I have is a title.  Possibly.  I have it whittled down to a few...

Autism has been in my life for 3 years (and since I was born); when my son began his journey to diagnosis, I became obsessed with all things Autistic; reading every book on the subject, taking every diploma and course I could find and attending conferences that I could reach in my car and joining every local and Facebook groups that I could find.


The more I researched, the more clear to me it became that I was also autistic, but the final defining moment was seeing Sarah Hendrickx at a conference where she was talking about female autism and it was like she was describing my life from start to present day.


I sought out assessment and was diagnosed 8 months before my son (the beginning of 2017) by Sarah Henderickx herself (it was both a pleasure and an honour).

Since receiving my diagnosis, my life started to finally make sense to me; the way I thought, felt, reacted to the rest of the world and it's strange human inhabitants.  I had always felt like an alien stuck on this planet and my first tattoo was Marvin the Martian shrugging in confusion standing in front of the Earth.

Finding my autistic tribe (and within that, an autistic family) was the most freeing, relieving and joyful moment that I can remember.  Like I'd been holding my breath for my whole life and suddenly I could release it and breathe again.

Yet, no matter how much I resembled the female autistic characteristics, there was still some significant aspects of my behaviour/thought processes/reactions that just didn't fit the mold quite as well.  So I went digging further and fell upon PDA and suddenly all of the pieces fell into place (not jigsaw pieces - they can get in the sea).

Like a phoenix from the flame, I have risen from the ashes of who I used to be and am trying to allow my true and glorious autistic self out of the shadows.

So please join me on this journey of sharing knowledge, awareness and, often, general ramblings of my brain.  Help me shine a light on who we autistics really are and how to help and support our autistic children in this harsh nonsensical NT world.


You are welcome here. 


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